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but you're so kind, i know you would not mind

Remember to hug your friends, people. In absence of a hug, give them a compliment. Ask them how they're doing, and really care. Remind them to be safe. Remind them not to get in a stranger's car, or take candy from said stranger. Tell them that their hair looks awesome today, and ask for tips. Show them pictures of a rainbow. Show them pictures of the two of you, together, that day you went to the park and drank lemonade and pretended to have a crazy accent. Help them remember that if you just swing a couple extra inches higher, you can touch the sky.

Buy them flowers. Pick them flowers. Make them a mini rock garden, if you can't get the flowers. Bake them cookies. Teach them how to knit that really cool new hat you just made, and then giggle over the matching-ness. Tell them awful jokes. Sing songs really loudly. Go to the park and play classical music together, while drawing pictures. It doesn't matter if you're good at drawing or not.

Plant a tree together. Better yet, plant those little bean seeds that we all planted in kindergarten. Name them. Love them. Give them high-quality plant food and lots of water. Remind them that everything takes patience and love and kindness to grow, as well as just a little space. Buy them a pirate scarf. Converse only in keyboard mashes.

Write them a postcard and, if possible, hand-deliver it. Wish upon a star. Remember that the sunset the day you first met is just as beautiful now. Ask them about their hobbies. Offer them a stick of gum. Make a pot of tea and smile when the steam fogs up everyone's glasses.

Write on the sidewalk in chalk. Open a lemonade stand. Pick the spring berries together. Make daisy chains and centerpieces of cherry blossom. Go for a walk, and grin at everyone. You'd be surprised how many people grin back. Pet the happy dogs, and laugh at the barking ones.

Sit on the porch swing and remember yesterday. The future is not so scary after all. There are only seven days in a week, but they are all preceded by the sunrise. Rain makes things grow. Tell your friend that they are beautiful. You are beautiful. I am beautiful. We are all beautiful.

Smile for the sky. Remember that things in the past are in the past, and tomorrow will come. Eat ice-cream out of the container and share a spoon. Watch a funny movie and laugh together. Watch a scary movie and scream together. Watch a sad movie and cry together. Watch a happy movie and smile together. Always share the popcorn.

But above all, hug your friends.

They deserve it.

Whenever life deals you a bad hand, there's a friend nearby to help you cheat, slip you the ace under the table or, in extreme cases, shoot everyone. If you're James Bond, they can help restart your heart. If you're not, they can help restart your heart anyway. It's just what they're there for.
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