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troubles will come, and they will pass

So I realized something, today, that maybe I always knew but never quite managed to process.

We are all going to be okay.

It's hard to see, maybe. It's kind of like that last hill before you can see your driveway, the one that you run halfway up until your lungs feel like they're on fire and you're pretty sure that your heart is gonna fucking explode and the top is still far enough away that you just want to sit down and cry until someone comes and picks you up and soothes you, like they did when you were five and scraped your knee on the neighbors tree. But you don't sit down, you keep going, and going and going and you're heart doesn't explode after all, and maybe, after a while, your lungs feel pretty okay because you're over the top, and there's your driveway right there in front of you.

You knew it was there all along, really, you could look at the hill and say that your house is at the top and it's barely fifty meters and you're only two minutes away, but somehow - no matter how much you say it you still feel like there's no way you can climb that hill today. That you're never going to make it home.

But you know what?

We are strong people. We can all walk that final fifty meters with our lungs burning and our hearts exploding and our legs bloody well falling off and we will all make it home. It's not easy. Maybe sometimes you're going to stop and sit by the road and cry, but in the end, you'll pick yourself up and keep going. Maybe someone else will help you, will come by and pick you up and carry you those last few feet. Maybe you'll get lucky and get a ride, or maybe you'll just have to fight it out 'till the bitter end. The point? We're all going to end up there somehow.

It doesn't matter if you're really in shape and walk up it just fine. It doesn't matter if you need a while to catch your breath. It doesn't matter if you need someone to walk right alongside it with you. It doesn't matter if you need that same person to carry you.

All that matters is that you reach the top.

And you know what? We will. All of us. We are strong people, we are wonderful people, we are beautiful people. We are incredible. Life is hard, so hard, but we will get through it and we will all be okay. We will all be home, someday.

This is directed to every single person on my flist. There is not one of you, and I can promise you this, because I have spent my evening reading the past few weeks of everyone's LJ and making sure I'm up to date, not one of you who I am not thinking of while writing this. You are such amazing, wonderful people, and you will all pass through this darkness to the light on the other side.

(yes, even you)

I promise. You will come home again.

You will all be okay.
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